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Best Roulette Apps

There is an app for pretty much anything these days. Paying bills, playing with birds, and of course, playing casino games. I have covered the best applications for blackjack and craps, so that means roulette is next on the list. Applications have been taking over for the past several years. There are currently over half a million apps for download to your phone or tablet computer. This can be quite overwhelming so I have taken the initiative to sort through all of the best roulette casino applications. Together we came up with the best roulette applications out there, take a look.

‘Payday Roulette’ is the best application I could find. With lifelike graphics and perfect sound effects, this app was the most realistic out of all of them. The only downside was the price tag. It will set you back about a dollar, but I promise it is worth it.

If a dollar just isn’t in your budget, then opt for ‘Roulette World HD’ or ‘Roulette for All’. These two apps are a great alternative if you don’t mind some advertisements every once in a while. Also feel free to leave the game at any point and come back without the game being disrupted.

I will be back with more applications to tell you about. Next up will be slot applications; there are a bunch of those so it has taken me a while to try them all out. See you next time!

Best Craps Apps

I have been getting a lot of requests for applications for phones and computers after my last blog about the best blackjack apps, so I’ve decided to go through all of the different casino game apps. This week I’m going to focus on Craps. I like craps because it holds the lowest house edge. Many are intimidated by craps but it actually can win you the most money. If you are a beginner, or even a seasoned craps player, there are certainly apps out there that can help you out.

Let’s start slow. If you are one of the people that refuses to pay for any application, then “Casino Craps” is for you. This game is the best of the free variety. If you are willing to spend around a buck, then “Craps University” or Craps Deluxe” is for you. These two games are terrific; they really capture the essence of the game, and are highly entertaining as well as informative.

If you are willing to spend two dollars, and I suggest this move, the “Aw Craps” is your game. It is by far the most realistic and helpful. There are many features and strategic tips to guide you through the game. It can do many things that the other apps can’t do, and it is a wise investment. yourself what potential hands could be made with those cards that would beat what you are chasing.

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