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Slot Machines Winning Tips

Win or at least not lose all their money in the Casino. If we stick to this success slots then break your wallet every time.


1: Press and hold this plan, and you need to come. When you go to Foxwoods or Mohegan Sun in Connecticut, I use this plan. I will be using around $ 200 all in their 20s.

2: Looking for a machine that was mentioned. You could say, "sit here him money" or "I'll be good for you" or "you say goodbye to your rent money".

3: $20 and putting the game is well now coming the strategy in the game. Win with $20 on foot, no matter what team said. Looking for a another machine and try again until you find that it is lost. Also ensure that you play stand you better chance bet max, maximum detachment of Paris have bad rating.

4: If you've won and start to benefit, to maintain this strategy. Pursue the amount higher that earned, if any, from the top of the money machine you will get 50% of their income to play, lost again in hope. Take the money and split into two and half ago is their money at stake and take half the money in cash at his home. Touch not your money home, except the next time at the Casino.

Example, if you its $20 $300 and losing home must be enabled to sell $150 and foot. $75 And put in the game and put to take $75 in his home.

5: 4 of the 5 times, leave the Casino with the money when I left. If to benefits, it is not all my money.

Tips and warnings

Friday go! I feel there, slots are the loss of this day. Stay no later than midnight, turns into a pumpkin car. Casinos are about you, that if you stay long enough, all you will lose money. If play machines as their only Friday. Other games on other days.

Games not more than what you can afford to lose. When you go to play I plan to leave money, I'm going to take the Casino, lose money this way, do not emphasize the words, I could not lose.

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