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Speed Up In Backgammon by Double

Aggressive backgammon may not always propel the victory, but surely ensures the jubilation of the crowd. The fast movement of checkers without worrying much about the opponent movements, challenging the opponent by continuous double and re-double make the game spectacular and your fierce pace confuse the opponent in most of the cases.

Technically just turn the doubling cube, placed on the bar of the backgammon board, to send the signal of your aggression to the opponent.

A double increases the stake twice and re-double quadruples the stake. The value of the stake increases in geometric progression, like 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes 4 and so on.

You may even force the opponent to concede the game, in case he is blown up by your hurricane pace. Refusing a double by your opponent will turn the game to your side immediately.

Once you announce a double and your opponent accepts, the doubling cube is handed over to the opponent.

If your opponent becomes more exuberant, he calls a re-double, which gives you back the control of the doubling cube, but increase the stake drastically.

Generally, the re-double is issued, when the opponent is sure that the game is in his favour and at times, the current situation of the game forces him to re-double, when he doesn’t have anything to loss.

As per the rule of the game backgammon, double and re-double can be unlimited only the ownership of the doubling cube sways, may be with your luck!

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